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The Emergency Department of SMART Medical Centre works at 24 X 7, The purpose-built facility, with state-of-the-art equipment is for people who need immediate hospital attention due to serious illness or injury. We provide a 24 hour, 7 day a week consultant-led service to the surrounding communities, seeing hundred's of patients a month.

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Research Lab

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Lab facilities

With State-of-the-art facilities and the most Advanced Technologies, we strive to deliver High-quality Laboratory Diagnostic services.

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Blood Bank

The Blood bank at SMART Medical Centre is of one of the best blood bank and frequently conducts irradiation of blood components and plateletpheresis.

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Home Health Care

If you are Searching for senior home care services, care givers, patient caretakers and to look after your parents? We are committed to combining healthcare and comfort without sacrificing quality.

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X-Ray facilities

Updated X-Ray services at smart medical center provide service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with a primary focus on the patient.

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Smart Services


Cardiac Science

Smart 7 medical centre of Cardiac Sciences specializes in advanced diagnosis and treatment procedures for cardiac diseases and conditions. With an integrated healthcare approach and a dedicated panel of highly experienced Cardiac Surgeons and Cardiologists, we aim to deliver comprehensive care to patients suffering from heart ailments.

Internal Medicine

The Department of Internal Medicine remains a shining beacon, combining the proven and age-old values of clinical skills, efficient diagnosis, and domain expertise. These values combined with the use of the latest diagnostic tools and cutting-edge clinical pharmacology ensures a holistic approach to patient care.


The institute has made significant advancements in the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of strokes, brain and spinal tumours, acoustic tumours, aneurysms, epilepsy, traumatic injuries, neurovascular diseases, pain, and trauma. Under smart 7 medical centre of Neurosciences, the two distinct departments provide a comprehensive array of neurosurgical and neurological services for the people.

Rehabilitation Sciences

Smart 7 medical center is equipped with a highly specialized and accountable team of physiatrists, Physiotherapists, Occupational therapists, Clinical psychologists, Nutritionists, Ergonomists, Speech & Language therapists and Ortotists & Prosthetists for patient recuperation from acute, subacute and chronic medical disorders of all age groups.

Pediatric Superspeciality

Children have a special place at Smart 7 medical Centre. The Institute of Pediatrics Sciences & Pediatric Superspeciality provides the utmost care for this important segment of society. The OPD area is child-friendly and children can indulge themselves in the gaming area, thus aiding them in overcoming any fear they may connect with visiting hospitals.


Smart 7 Bone and Joint Institute is a super-speciality institute that aims to provide world-class, evidence-based treatment for various Orthopaedic disorders and sports injuries. At Smart 7 Orthopedic Care, we combine our expertise in the areas of patient care, clinical research, and academics in order to provide the highest level of specialized services to our patients.

General Medicine/Diabetology

General Medicine is a speciality of medicine which is involved in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of a wide range of both acute and chronic diseases affecting different parts of the body. The field of diabetes deals with disorders that involve disruptions in hormone activity. With proper management, people with diabetes can engage in physical activity safely.


The urinary tract is your body’s drainage system for the excretion of urine. Urine which is a byproduct of the food and fluid we consume is eliminated by the kidneys during the blood filtration process. The process is carried out by the urinary tract that includes your kidneys, ureters, and bladder.

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SMART is committed to provide ethical, reliable, high quality and cost effective health care services through care and compassion to ensure complete patient satisfaction. We continuously strive to improve the quality of our health care services by Adopting latest technology, regular training, Internal & External Quality Control Program For Laboratory.

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SMART Medical Centre believe in bringing improvements to people’s faces thereby instilling a lot more confidence and positivity in them. Our Departments strives hard to educate and make our patients understand their present condition, treatment, and improvements that they can achieve by undergoing these procedures.


At SMART Medical Centre, we offer extensive services in Endocrinology and Cardiology. Our team of expert consultants and diabetologists check out the symptoms and conduct numerous tests to make proper assessment of the condition and the best treatment pathway. We have the latest medical devices and equipment pieces needed for world-class treatment. SMART Medical centre is also offering diabetic and other metobolic ailments awareness camps and programs. Our Cardiologist specializes in advanced diagnosis and treatment procedures for cardiac diseases and conditions. With an integrated healthcare approach and a dedicated panel of highly experienced Cardiologists, we aim to deliver comprehensive care to patients suffering from heart ailments. Being one of the best cardiac hospital, we provide the best cardiac services. We have a team of expert doctors, well-trained nurses, technicians, and other heart specialists who are committed to providing unparalleled excellence in patient care, education, and research.

Our expert team of heart specialists are highly-experienced and has expertise in the field of cardiac science, which helps us to treat significant surgeries like minimally invasive cardiac surgery, VATS - Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery, and keyhole heart surgery. Our cardiac science team collaborates with other medical and surgical specialities to provide the highest level of medical care to patients suffering from heart diseases.

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy provides services to develop maintain and restore maximum movement and functional ability throughout the lifespan. This includes providing services in circumstances where movement and function are threatened by ageing, injury, diseases, disorders, conditions or environmental factors. Functional movement is central to what it means to be healthy. Physiotherapy is concerned with identifying and maximizing quality of life and movement potential within the spheres of promotion, prevention, treatment/intervention, habilitation and rehabilitation. This encompasses physical, psychological, emotional and social wellbeing. Physical therapy involves the interaction between physical therapist, patients/clients, other health professionals, families, caregivers and communities in a process where movement potential is assessed and goals are agreed upon, using knowledge and skills unique to physical therapists.

Physiotherapy is quite effective to speed up the healing process for patients with amputations, strains in the spine, arthritis or who underwent any sort of medical operation. SMART Medical Centre expertise in the following methods to ensure faster rehabilitation process. Electrotherapy is a type of energy-based physiotherapy technique in which electrical stimulation is delivered with the help of electrodes attached to the skin. Electrotherapy is performed in patients with paralysis and severely reduced range of motion.

Neuro Rehabilitation

Neuro Rehabilitation is a supervised program by doctors / Physiotherapists specializing in brain & Neuro conditions/diseases for people who have developed diseases, injuries, or any nervous system disorder. This process improves the body’s function and reduces symptoms and the well-being of the patients. It is known as Restorative Neurology. SMART medical Centre has developed a global centre of Excellence of Physical Medicine and Neuro rehabilitation unit in 5500 Square feet of exclusive clinical setup. The unit is equipped with all major and Modernized equipments and Virtual Reality Instruments to offer world class treatment to the patients. The motive of a neurological rehabilitation program is to make the patient feel the normal life he used to lead. This program helps make their lives independent and function properly mentally, physically, and socially. Any medical condition can be treated if diagnosed at a proper time. With the help of modern technology, doctors are treating many patients with several different kinds of diseases. The treatments are different according to the condition of the patient. SMART Rehab team helps rebuilding the strength, balance, coordination between the organs and body parts, and body motion of a given patient. A neurorehabilitation program must be attended by every patient facing difficulty and needs some aid to recover from a nervous system injury.

This rehabilitation program is made to meet your individual needs, body functions, and any specific problems or diseases. This program sometimes needs the involvement of a family member. SMART Neuro- Rehab specialty programs include, Speech therapy, Spine decompression, Swallowing techniques, Bowel and bladder retraining, Any nutritional counselling, Retaining the behavioural skills, Memory program, Any pain management, Vocational counselling


Children have a special place at SMART Medical Centre. The Institute of Pediatrics Sciences & Pediatric Superspeciality provides the utmost care for this important segment of society. The OPD area is child-friendly and children can indulge themselves in the gaming area, thus aiding them in overcoming any fear they may connect with visiting hospitals. Being the best pediatric hospital in South India, we have a team of top Pediatric surgeons, Physicians, Intensivists, and Neonatologists, all well-versed in caring for kids with complex problems. The Paediatric intensive care is equipped with the most advanced facilities such as high-frequency ventilators, nitric oxide delivery, and ECMO

The Paediatric intensive care is a 24/7 facility, manned by doctors and paramedical staff trained in India as well as Overseas. The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is on par with international standards, offering the best possible results to neonates. Children with cardiac, neurological and orthopaedic problems are assured of the best treatment.


My name is sreejith and I am working in Trivandrum. I got an injury and hospitalized in smart medical centre the ortho doctor gived me better treatment and recovered quickly.


On behalf of my wife, who was a patient in your hospital, I humbly submit my sincere gratitude to the management and staff of Jamaica Hospital, especially to your outstanding nurses and doctors. They have been outstandingly helpful and provided a high quality of service, care and comfort to my wife. Thank you.

Mahesh S

I was recently cared for at SMART Medical Centre following a heart attack while at Trivandrum. I just wanted to say a few words about the exceptional care I received in the SMART Hospital Cardiac Care Unit. All of the doctors and nurses were friendly, pleasant, kind, thorough, conscientious and professional. I am happy to have been in their care.

Shyju GS

We would like to let you know how much we appreciate the special care our daughter was given by the doctors and staff at your hospital. Our baby’s physician was professional, kind, understanding, and her treatment was “right on.” Your organization should be proud to have such kind hearted people. They made sure that my daughter’s hospitalization was very pleasant.


I am writing on behalf of my brother who was a patient in your hospital. I would like to thank you on behalf of my entire family for the help and consideration shown to me in what was a very difficult time. Again, I would like to thank you for the services you provide to patients and their families.


Health Packages

SMART Medical Center is offering you the flexibility to choose the best health check-up packages that match your needs. Our comprehensive health packages are ideal for people of all age groups. Our health check-up packages are divided into four different groups.


  • CBC
  • RBS
  • HBA1C




  • CBC
  • RFT


  • CBC


  • CRP
  • ASO
  • VIT D3

Frequently Asked Questioins

If you are searching for the best rehabilitation centre in India, then SMART Medical Centre is one among the leading physiotherapy hospital in South India providing high-quality care and support. Contact us now to book an appointment online.

  • Neuroscience is a multidisciplinary science that focuses on the study of the structure and function of the nervous system.

  • The various branches of neuroscience are:

    Behavioural neuroscience
    Developmental neuroscience
    Cognitive neuroscience
    Systems neuroscience
    Molecular neuroscience

  • Rehabilitation Science is an interdisciplinary field that concentrates on the function and disability problems in humans. A physician who has completed training in the Rehabilitation field is referred to as a physiatrist or rehabilitation medicine specialist.

  • Rehabilitation is recommended for patients who recovering from surgeries and injuries such as Traumatic brain injury, stroke, Guillain barre syndrome, Spinal cord injury, Sports injury, Cardiac injury, Long term ICU stay patients, Parkinson's disease, Muscular dystrophy, Diabetic foot, Painful/deformed joint problems and Nerve injury/ Palsy, Acute/ Chronic painful conditions.

  • A Rehabilitation Specialist or Physiatrist specializes in recovering the overall function of people with injuries to the muscles, bones, tissues, and nervous system.

  • The three main types of rehabilitation are occupational, physical, and speech rehabilitation therapy.